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    Hi Guys,

    Since LADD is sort of a unique product… insofar as it does Loops, Single Hits, Key Switchable Mixer Snapshots, Traditional Orchestral sounds, modern scoring perc etc… we’d welcome any questions, comments or suggestions to help us better communicate what LADD is.

    What we think LADD is:

      • A modern approach to cinematic and dramatic percussion
      • The cure for the common loop
      • The most flexible scoring percussive library out there.

    When you finally get your hands on the library (it should be any day now… we’re being held back by our Audiobro Download Center (ADC) II application), we would like you to let us know what you find compelling and when might better help us communicate/illustrate that to you.

    In the meantime, here is a breakdown of the multi-sampled strikes (non-loops – we will also have a lot of loops based on 23 different percussion instruments but those will be listed later):

    Here is a WIP (work in progress) manual (please ignore the cover!!):

    (Also, here is a PDF of the articulations for each of those listed below)

    An official Manual is being worked on. We’ll post it here when it’s presentable enough.

    Bass Drums & Gran Casa

      Bass Drums.nki
      Gran Casa Euro.nki
      Gran Casa LA.nki
      Loose BD ALL.nki

    Big Hits and Booms

      Big Hits I (+Ambient Grooves).nki
      Big Hits II (4 Slamajams).nki

    Combination Patches

      Thump Suspense Combo v2.nki

    Cymbals & Gongs

      Cymbals Hits+Cresc+FX (15 & 18 inch).nki
      Piatti Hits.nki
      Tam Tams – Gongs (with Velocity rolls).nki

    Ethnic Large

      Frame Drum.nki
      Taikos (fixed Samples Start Rims) v2.nki


      Bowls Stick and Hand.nki
      Junk Crash.nki
      Metal Stands and Seat pad.nki
      Metals A (Lids, Bowls, Pans).nki
      Metals B (Chains, Cans, Pots, Low Metals).nki
      Roto Chimes Hits and Tuned.nki
      Tiny Metal.nki
      Trash Cans.nki
      Waterphone ALL.nki


      Floor Ens Wood Slat Hits.nki
      Floor Sticks.nki


      Bass Drones & Pads.nki
      Bowed Guitar Pad.nki
      Distortion Pads.nki
      Drama Trails.nki
      String Rises and Falls.nki

    Small Percussion – Traditional

      Chimes (Mark Tree).nki
      Hi Hats.nki
      Shaker 1 & 2 .nki
      Slap Stick.nki
      Sleigh Bells.nki
      Temple Blocks.nki


      Modern Snares 1+2.nki
      Snares (Orchestral) All Articulations.nki


      Floor Toms 1+2+3 v3.nki
      Floor Toms Ensemble V3 (Triplet).nki
      Floor Toms Ensemble V3.nki
      Orchestral Toms Muted v2.nki
      Orchestral Toms V2.nki
      Power Toms Split Stx + Snare V2.nki
      Power Toms v2.nki
      Toms II (Double Skinned + Split Sticks).nki

    Tuned Percussion

      Crotales Bowed.nki
      Crotales Hits.nki
      Piano Perc (Steinway Hamburg).nki
      Tubular Bells (Orch. Chimes).nki
      Tympani Cresc (Vel = Speed).nki
      Tympani Hits + Rolls (velocity).nki
      Xylophone Hard Mallet.nki
      Xylophone Rubber Mallet.nki


    Andrew K

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