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    Hey guys,

    Here are some videos to introduce you to LADD. These are not “sales” videos where I try to dazzle you… they are just to orient you towards some of LADD’s features.

    I apologize in advance for my ramblings and sometimes over-driving the mic. I just set it up an talked and I wasn’t the most concise and didn’t follow a script :D . But most importantly, you’ll get the gist. Also, for whatever reason, my computer is giving the video screen-capture a slight reddish color-cast. As you’ll see after installing LADD, it’s not so reddish.

    – Andrew

    Here is a WIP (work in progress) manual (please ignore the cover!!):

    Introduction to LADD


    The Main Page


    The Sequencer Page


    Tuner Page


    Mixer Page


    Audio Loop Features and Layout


    Key FX Setup Page


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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