Welcome to Genesis!! In this video, we’ll introduce you to the Genesis Children’s Choir and play various examples using demos and real-time examples. After pressing play, you can use the “Chapters” feature on the video timeline or click on the “Chapters” icon on the right side of the timeline to access these topics.

Stage Tutorial

The Stage feature allows you to emulate many different stages and locations by taking any or all the ensembles (divisi sections) and arranging them on a virtual stage. Based on the Stage Type that you choose, you can have the choir sound like it is located at the back of a cathedral or up-close-and-personal on a scoring stage… or anywhere in between.

Staccato and Speed Control

Learn how to get the most out of the Staccato and Speed controls in Genesis. The Staccato section primarily controls the performance of the Latin Syllables and yields instant gratification. These are the pre-recorded syllables that have been performed as both short and long staccatos and can be seen in the Phrase Editor.

The Mixer

Learn how to get the most out of the Genesis Mixer. With 100% real-time recallable presets, multiple modulators for sound design, and FX routing for days… you’ll breathe new life into your productions and sound design.

Look Ahead Explained

Auto-compensation for each syllable, vowel, and pitchless articulation for better playback. Our exclusive Look Ahead feature anticipates what syllables and articulations are coming next in a phrase and plays them back in time with your project — drastically reducing the amount of time you spend editing and shifting MIDI around.

Legato and Melisma

Watch how easy it is to play polyphonic legato with Auto Divisi mode on. And learn about Melisma – a singing style whereby the vowel of each word is maintained as the active legato vowel and sung until the end of the legato phrase.

Detune & Aleatoric

Let your Aleatoric side shine!! “Detune” lets you detune each divisi section of the ensemble discretely, giving you a wonderfully controllable Aleatoric choir sound. In practice, this is like telling the 4 sections of the choir each to do a different pitch bend. Great for horror scores, tense moments, and more.

Phrase Building

Learn how to build phrases and play them back in real-time using the simple and intuitive Phrase Editor in Genesis.

Auto Divisi

Learn all about divisi, auto divisi, and ensemble building in Genesis Children’s Choir

The Switcher

Learn basic and advanced key and MIDI CC switching techniques using the Switcher tool in Genesis Children’s Choir.

Attack & Release Controls

Attack Curve, Attack Time, and Release Time are only available on the Pads and Sustain sounds (Ah, Eh, Ee, Oh, Oo, Mm) and only when not playing legato phrases (since the legato transitions will supersede the attack and release times).


The Dynamics control is probably the most prominent real-time controller on Genesis. This control affects both the recorded performance dynamic and volume and is the most critical control to achieving an expressive performance.

Assigning MIDI Controllers

Assigning hardware controllers to Genesis is easy and is a powerful way to elicit better performances and save you time in your productions!! In this video, we go over how to assign controllers to Genesis as well as some useful tips.