Welcome to Genesis!! In this video, we’ll introduce you to the Genesis Children’s Choir and play various examples using demos and real-time examples. After pressing play, you can use the “Chapters” feature on the video timeline or click on the “Chapters” icon on the right side of the timeline to access these topics:

  • Introduction to Genesis (starting at 0:00)
  • Melismatic singing with our new Auto Divisi technology (starting at 2:01)
  • Staccato syllabic phrases featuring our new Look Ahead technology (starting at 3:05)
  • A walkthrough of all the vowels using Real Legato and Auto Divisi (starting at 4:14)
  • Our new Stage and 3D panning technology (starting at 5:44)
  • Aleatoric passages (“Angel of Death”) using the new Detune feature (starting at 6:29)
  • Using our new Mixer for sound design (starting at 7:25)

With regards to our Aleatoric section of this video, in case anyone was wondering, the correct pronunciation of Krysztof Panderecki’s last name is pɛndəˈrɛtski :)