This is a “LADD Sneak-Peak” video that introduces you to the most basic features of LADD and uses only sounds included in LADD. LADD is a complete single-strike sample library as well as a complete audio loops library. It’s like having 2 libraries in one!!

100 Percent LADD

100 Percent LADD features LADD straight out of the box. No outside compression, EQ, reverb or processing of any kind. Everything you hear is 100% LADD through a stereo output in Kontakt. This is a good example of a trailer-type percussion bed.


LADD seamlessly blends traditional and modern percussion into one robust tool. This demo starts off with an example of traditional through-composed percussion… then shows how far you can take things in a matter of seconds using just the KeyFX presets.


In this video, we introduce you to the LADD Audio Loops content comprised of original dramatic live performances and 11 additional mix-stems designed to be played alone or layered phase-accurately. An exciting and unique approach only available in LADD.

Main Page

LADD’s Main Page – Feature By Feature video goes over all of LADD’s “main page features” with the use of a dozen musical examples. All musical examples are exclusively LADD with no external processing of any kind.

Tuning Page

LADD’s Tuner Page – Feature by Feature: in this video, we go over the LADD Tuner’s features. Each note can be independently tuned and randomly re-tuned beyond that… for very compelling sounds and otherworldly sounds.

LADD Key FX Page

LADD’s KeyFX Setup – Feature by Feature: in this video, we explain the control center of LADD’s KeyFX: The KeyFX Setup page. This is where you can mix and combine all the major components of LADD’s engine and assign the functionality to simple key switches.

Sequencer Page

LADD’s Sequencer Page – Intro: in this video, we introduce you to many of the LADD Sequencer’s features. While this video goes into some detail, there will be other “advanced” videos to follow.

LADD Mixer

Introduction to the LADD Mixer: in this video, we introduce you to the LADD Mixer – one of the most advanced features of LADD. We go over the basics of each control and will have “advanced concepts” videos to follow.