Welcome the Modern Scoring Strings (MSS). This video gives you a quick taste of some of the groundbreaking features and sounds of MSS. Check out our other videos to the right for more detailed looks at different features.


MSS brings a whole new way to play Runs and Scales using our advanced engine. Real runs and scales stitched together for you in real-time with tons of control:

Scales – We recorded short 3 and 4 note runs (triplets and 16ths) in every diatonic mode (Ionian, Dorian, etc.) that our engine can intelligently stitch together in real-time providing very real-sounding scaler runs. They can be diatonic, chromatic, or whole-tone. They are also synced to tempo. Experiment with the various engine modes — it’s a blast!

Octave Runs – We recorded Major and Minor octave runs in both directions with multiple round-robins: up and down. There is a smart “Diatonic Mode” and these runs can be synced to tempo.


Anyone who has tried to create realistic string mockups of ostinatos (or scales for that matter) knows how hard and tedious it can be, and in the end, how bad they can sound. Modern Scoring Strings has fixed all that by recording beautiful back-and-forth 8th-note legato ostinatos and by substituting m2, M2, m3, M3, P4, and P5 intervals into your chords and phrases with our Smart engine. By analyzing the chords your play, our engine will automatically create phrases at the tempo and dynamic you want by combining real performances with real round-robins in both directions. It’s so easy… it’s like cheating.

Expanded Legato

Sordino, Sult Tasto, and Sul Pont are beuatiful articulations. The MSS Expanded Legato library delivers all of these articulations featuring real legato, portamento, and glissando performances using Audiobro’s advanced legato engine.


Real aleatoric performances in divisi!! Giving you the ultimate control over layering, performance, and sound. We recorded different chaotic string phrases that harken to horror and tension. Many articulations were recorded up the entire range of the instrument giving you amazing control of creating your own aleatoric compositions. From Shepard tones to creepy-crawlies to dissonant stabs, and everything in between… you’ll love adding these to your scores.

Shorts and Mics

Shorts – Martelé, staccato, staccatiossimo, spiccato. Depending on the section (Vlns vs Vlas), with combined divisi playing at the same time, you can have up to 256 round robins for the violins (4 x 4 x 4 x 4), and 16 for all the other sections. Powerful play-assist, key switching, CC, and host automation options allow for changing these in a way that suits your work style. In this video, we also listen to the different microphones since short articulations are ideal for hearing ambiance.

Auto Rhythm Tool

The Auto Rhythm Tool (ART) has been drastically updated for Modern Scoring Strings (MSS)! Check out this in-depth video on how you can do all sorts of compelling things with ART.


In this video, we’ll describe the major features added to our initial Modern Scoring Strings (MSS) release. Cutting edge new featured are added to legato amongst a host of other features.

Legacy Legato

Watch the Update 1.1 video to see and hear what we added to legato since the initial release. This video highlights some of the legato patches: Legato | Sustains – Real legato, portamento, and glissando with user-controllable transition speeds and volumes as well as Variable Attack Control: Crescendo, Normal, and Accented. The sustained bowings include normal arco, sordino, sul tasto, and sul point.

Intuition Series

Intuition Series Strings are included for every divisi section and soloist in the main Modern Scoring Strings Library. The Intuition Engine applies a complex model of instrumental connection (bow/finger pressure, pitch/intervallic change, string position, play speed, etc.), on top of the existing Modern Scoring Strings samples to create instruments with a layer of responsiveness and fluidity that is very difficult to achieve with sampling alone.

Look Ahead

Nudging MIDI so that the articulations play back in time can be a mind-numbingly tedious exercise and can take a long time. Our new MSS Look Ahead takes care of that for you. Find out how.


In this video, we go over the Detune feature as well as how to use it to create compelling aleatoric passages using ordinary (non-aleatoric) articulations.

Getting Started

In this video, we go over how to get started with Modern Scoring Strings (MSS). This is a must-see for everyone.

Logic Articulation Sets

In this video, we go over how to integrate Modern Scoring Strings’ Articulation Sets into Logic.

Cubase Expression Maps

In this video, we go over how to integrate Modern Scoring Strings’ Expression Maps into Cubase.