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Articles and Reviews

Sound On Sound (April 2010)

  • “LASS’s use of legato is truly outstanding.”
  • “… achieving realistic legato playing in LASS is essentially effortless”
  • “… the Auto Rhythm Tool may be reason enough to purchase LASS.”
  • “I own a few string libraries, but I don’t think I’ll be using any of them in the foreseeable future.”
  • “If string writing is a major — or even a minor — part of your music production make‑up, and you can afford it, get LASS. You will not be disappointed. If you can’t afford it… figure something out and get LASS. You won’t be disappointed.”

EM April 2010

Electronic Musician

Winner of the EM (Electronic Musician) 2011 Editors Choice Award (January 2011)

  • “In addition to a terrific sound, LA Scoring Strings delivers startlingly faithful phrasing and articulation.”
  • “You’ll find a large selection of articulations and some excellent Kontakt scripts — Real Legato, Trill, Anti-Machine Gun, Tuning (variations), and Delay and Humanization — for implementing string playing techniques from the keyboard.”

EM April 2010

Electronic Musician (May 2010)

  • “Overall rating (1 through 5): 5”
  • “Realistic legato phrasing can be particularly tricky with any sampled strings, but LASS shines in that area.”
  • “The glissandos sound especially authentic, and [the] ART [script] makes short articulations sound more lifelike than in any string library I’ve heard.”
  • “LA Scoring Strings has become my go-to string library.”

Nominated for Best Sound Library 2011

Audiobro’s LA Scoring Strings was the only string library nominated for the M.I.P.A (Musikmesse International Press Award) in the Sound Library category.

Virtual Instruments Magazine

Virtual Instruments Magazine (2010)

  • “Audiobro’s LA Scoring Strings (LASS) — is a significant improvement over what’s come before it. LASS has quickly become the gold standard-both for what it does do and almost as much for what it doesn’t do: sound synthy in any register. It’s extremely versatile, alive, detailed, and above all expressive.”
  • “LASS is one of those libraries that you can’t stop playing when you first set it up; it simply feels great under your fingers and sounds wonderful.”

Recording Magazine

Recording Magazine (September 2010)

  • So how good is this library? I’ll give you two instances where its musicality blew me away….”
  • “I was intoxicated!”
  • “Bottom line: Smart ideas, outstanding playing, first-rate MIDI implementation… and highest recommendation.”


Keyboard Recording

Keyboards Recording (February 2010)

  • “LASS poses a new standard of excellence for sampled strings”
  • “The short articulations (staccato, spiccato…) by themselves justify buying LASS.”