What does Audiobro do?

Audiobro creates award-winning, high-quality benchmark orchestral sample libraries. We license Native Instruments’ Kontakt playback engine which is the most efficient and popular professional sampler plugin. Aside from our renowned Legato sound and our nimble short articulations, one of our trademark features is to incorporate divisi sections into our libraries. This enables smaller and regular divisi sounds, as well as unison and tutti writing, and all sorts of options otherwise unavailable to typical libraries. Also, by layering the divisis, you ensure more variety in your performances resulting in much more natural-sounding mockups. We have maintained this “Divisi” philosophy with all our orchestral libraries.

Made by real musicians and composers

Here at Audiobro, we have always been passionate about orchestral instruments. We are “musicians first,” who had scoring careers and dove into orchestral library production to fulfill our professional sampling needs that we noticed were lacking in orchestral libraries. And we figured if we needed these features, then other composers would need them as well.

Cutting Edge

Since the release of Audiobro’s first ground-breaking divisi library LA Scoring Strings (LASS) in 2009, we have pushed the envelope in sampling as well as the features bridging performance and orchestral playback. We have also made it our mission to simplify the end-user experience so composers can focus on creativity rather than tedious editing. So, while we believe in being “cutting edge,” we also believe in having an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

Living Libraries

We like to think of our libraries as “Living Libraries”. We don’t simply release a library and then forget about it. With our new orchestral engine, all our associated libraries are updated on a regular basis providing us the capabilities to update all our libraries with some of the same features. This way, our libraries stay current while providing a unified user experience amongst the different libraries.

Final Thoughts

We think most composers would agree that there is nothing like real orchestral players… and we don’t think real players will ever be replaced. And even though we use sample libraries to do our MIDI mock-ups and check our work, as composers, arrangers, and producers, we’d bet that all of you, if given the budget and time, would hire a real section instead of using samples in a heartbeat. But with many of today’s scoring budgets and schedules, sometimes it’s just impossible to have the “real thing”. It is our hope that in these situations you’ll find Audiobro’s libraries to be the best alternative to live players.

Andrew Keresztes and Sebastian Katz at Audiobro’s studio.