Audiobro Privacy Policy

Audiobro is committed to protecting your digital privacy. This policy describes the manner in which we collect, protect, and process private data. Please read the information below regarding our guidelines and please note that by using our applications, sound libraries, and websites or by purchasing our products or by creating a user account with Audiobro, you are accepting and consenting the policies outlined below.

Data security

First and foremost, we take security very seriously. All our data is stored securely on a HTTPS encrypted website with an SSL certificate ensuring the encryption of all transmitted data. HTTPS is primarily designed to provide an enhanced security layer. We do not store any payment information as this is handled through our payment processors: Stripe, and PayPal. Saving credit/debit card information for future purchases is handled and stored by Stripe. Here is a link explaining how secure Stripe is: Security At Stripe

Disclosure of your information

We never share or disseminate any private or personal information to the public or any third parties without your prior consent except for when we need to meet legal requirements like accounting (in which case our accountant would see our sales figures and tax related information) or if there is a legal reason for the courts or in the case of the following:

  • In-house customer support who may look up information to better help serve you.
  • Accountants and bookkeepers who abide by accountant–client privilege.
  • Web developers — necessary to maintain our site and ADC functionality and better support you.

What we collect when you simply visit our website

Generally speaking, you may visit the site while remaining anonymous and not revealing any personal information. We use cookies on our site to keep track of your login status. We also use Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel to monitor anonymous traffic at our site. What this means is, unless you log in, we do not know who you are. We only know that someone from a certain general area visited our site. We therefore have no access to personal information when using Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel. We do monitor technical information like page refresh times, click streams, length of visits, browser types, etc— all anonymous. You can turn off cookies in your Browser and turn off Facebook Pixel on your Facebook account if you would like. We do not track anything beyond our own website.

What we collect from you when you purchase and download

We don’t collect personal financial information. We do not collect any payment information such as credit card, debit card or other personal financial information as that is handled through PayPal. PayPal does not disclose to Audiobro any financial information other than the purchase amount, product, name, address, email, and whether a transaction has been approved or declined. Learn more about PayPal’s privacy policy here.

The following information may be collected from you:

Typically this is included in the purchase information. Sometimes it is a company name.

This is also included in the purchase information. This will be necessary if you request something to be shipped to you.

Email Address
All purchases are made with a valid email address. Email addresses are how we communicate with you and send you your receipt, download links, and user credentials as well as updates, alerts, and news.

Phone number if needed
In the event you want a product shipped to you, we will need a phone number per Fedex’s request. FedEx must be able to reach whoever the shipment is addressed to.

Purchase History
We keep a record of the products you have purchased from us to better help serve you and for you to have access to downloads as well as to help us perform sales.

User Name
In order to use and download our software and sound libraries, you will need to create a user account with a username and an associated email. We will not have access to your password as it is stored in an encrypted fashion.

IP Address
In order to protect your download and user account data and for privacy and security reasons, we will also collect your IP address.

Downloads are primarily done through our Audiobro Download Center (ADC) application. To best support our ADC and for security reasons, we do keep track of your downloads, OS version , Kontakt version and IP addresses linked to your user account.

Your rights

At any time you may request a copy of your data referenced above and we will supply you with that information within 30 days of a written request. You, however, must provide enough proof of your identity for us to comply in good faith.

When you become a customer of Audiobro, you are automatically subscribed to receive transactional notices about your account, email newsletters and news of special promotions offered through Audiobro. The transactional emails are necessary to maintain your account and to remain a legal License owner. We are very respectful and considerate of your email and only occasionally send out promotional emails that always have an unsubscribe option. If you would like to update your email preferences or no longer wish to receive mailings from us, you can always do so by using the associated links in our emails, or by notifying us. Please understand that once you unsubscribe you will not receive any money-saving coupon codes or promotions as we may do from time-to-time.

If you want to remove yourself entirely from our system, we will do so within a month to the point of maintaining our obligations to the US tax code. For example, we will not delete the sales details necessary for us to comply with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. However, all other data can be removed, and in doing so you agree to no longer be able to download any Audiobro software until you resume a valid user account. In any case, the End User License Agreement (EULA) shall remain in full force throughout perpetuity unless Audiobro decides to terminate it. Meaning, you will still have to abide by all of Audiobro’s EULA terms. Otherwise, we will hold on to this data indefinitely to keep your account active.

Changes to our policy

We reserve the right to make changes to our privacy policy. Any changes we make to our privacy policy in the future will be posted on this page. Please check back frequently to see any updates or changes to our privacy policy.