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From epic to delicate – our new flagship choir!



ETERNITYBuilt on our exclusive Audiobro orchestral engine, the Eternity Adult Choir is our new flagship choir – an elite 48 piece multi-ensemble (4 sections) choir. Each ensemble was recorded separately so it’s like having four choirs in one. There is also an add-on library called Eternity Expansion featuring Array Divisi and Ribbon microphones. We carefully chose the choir and scoring stage size to provide you with the most flexibility in achieving lush, powerful, and detailed performances without sounding too “washy” with ambiance:

  • 12 Sopranos
  • 12 Altos
  • 12 Tenors
  • 12 Basses

A partial list of Eternity’s features:

  • Polyphonic with Real Polyphonic Legato and Melisma
  • Real aleatoric (dissonant choir FX) recordings, FX whispers, grunts, etc.
  • Over 100 phrase articulations
  • 6 sustains: 5 vowels and humming – multi-dynamic
  • 30 multi-dynamic short Latin syllables
  • 30 multi-dynamic long Latin syllables
  • User-programmable Latin-based phrases
  • 30 multi-dynamic whisper versions of the syllables
  • Round robin La-Las and Bom-Boms – short and long
  • 5 different round-robin grunts (long and short) Ha, Heh Hee, Hoh, Hoo
  • All syllable whispers
  • 3D Stage Panner for all divisis/ensembles in a single patch
  • Look Ahead feature reduces tedious MIDI editing
  • 4 microphone mixes: Close, Stage, Far and Full Mix
  • DAW Integrations for Logic, Cubase/Nuendo, Digital Performer, Studio One, Reaper
  • Audiobro engine supports Kontakt and NKS

Aleatoric and FX include:

  • Aleatoric Shepard tones (looped)
  • Aleatoric Ah sustains per note across entire range (looped)
  • Aleatoric Oo sustains per note across entire range (looped)
  • Men morphing Ah-Eh-Ee-Oh-Oo per note (looped)
  • Clusters (looped)
  • Multiple Ah and Oo rises and falls at different ranges and durations
  • Aleatoric whispers (looped)
  • Wind (looped)
  • Rain (finder snaps)
  • Hand rubbing
  • Grunts at multiple dynamics and durations
Eternity UI interface
Eternity Performance User Interface

Click image to see enlarged

Eternity UI interface
Effects options which include aleatoric, whispers, grunts, etc.

Click image to see enlarged

Eternity UI interface
Color coded mapping of Special FX

Click image to see enlarged


For detailed choral writing or on occasions when you want the gorgeous sound of ribbon mics, the Eternity Expanded Library is for you! Eternity Expanded is a paid choir add-on library to the main library (Eternity Adult Choir). Eternity Expanded can only be purchased as a bundle with Eternity Adult Choir, or separately if you already own Eternity Adult Choir. In other words, you must own or purchase Eternity Adult Choir to use the Expanded version.

Eternity Expanded Mics:

  • 4 cardioid close mics array with our Array Divisi technology
  • A stereo ribbon mic mix

Array Divisi:

Array Divisi is an exciting new feature based on the close mics in front of the singers. The 4 cardioid close mics focus on the small group of singers in front of the mics and each mic is assigned to our Auto Divisi engine resulting in what we call “Array Divisi“. This provides you all sorts of detailed control, from smaller sounding divisi section sizes to creative panning and more.

Choose the singers in front of Array Mic C (Sopranos C for example) to be the ones performing the lead voice. Pan them any way you want. The possibilities are endless.

Ribbon Mics:

The ribbon mics provide you with that sought-after “ribbon mic” sound. The Ribbon mics were placed between the close mics and the main stage Decca tree. This provides you with a nice warm sounding stereo 2-mic mix (versus the stage mics that are based on the 3-mic Decca tree).

Included Articulations:

Eternity Expanded has the same sustained and staccato articulations as the main Eternity Choir library (all Latin syllables and vowel sustains, legato melisma, etc.) minus all the Aleatoric and special FX, and pads.

Array Mics used in Array Divisi Patches
Eternity Expanded's Close Array Mics used in Array Divisi Patches

Click image to see enlarged

Array Mics on Ensemble Page
Array Mics have individual control for each mic

Click image to see enlarged

As easy to use as Audiobro’s Genesis library... with all the power of an elite adult choir.

Built on Audiobro’s Genesis articulations and engine, Eternity features an elite adult choir singing even more articulations and dynamics than Genesis – while maintaining Genesis’ ease of use. 

Pro tip #1: Combine the close mics with the surround mics. This gives you detail plus lushness!

The close mics are fantastic for adding wonderful detail to your mixes, and the surround mics have a wonderful “gooeyness” to them (for lack of a better word). Combining them and adjusting the volumes to your liking can sound beautiful.

Pro Tip #2: 100% quantize your MIDI note-starts and let Look Ahead ease your workload!

We all know how tedious it can be to get sampled syllables to play back in time! Quantizing your MIDI and using Look Ahead reduces the tedium of having to micromanage your part so that the different syllables play in time. 

Eternity CHoir Details

Full List of Main Features

  • Polyphonic Real Legato and Melisma
  • Over 30 multi-dynamic phrase-building syllables sung both staccato and sustained
  • Word Speed — either auto-speed or user-definable playback speed of syllables
  • Extensive aleatoric recordings
  • Multi-dynamic vowels that are looped: Ah, Eh, Ee, Oh, Oo, Mm
  • Supports Kontakt and NKS
  • New Auto Divisi engine supporting Divisi Men & Women
  • Programmable Latin based phrases
  • 3D Stage panner for all divisis/ensembles in a single patch
  • Look Ahead feature reduces tedious MIDI editing
  • 4 microphone mixes: Close, Stage, Far, and Full mix
  • Prefix and Suffix pitchless articulations — easily combine pitchless articulations to vowels to create new words
  • 100% recallable Mixer Insert Effects — create inspiring mixes that can be easily key switched
  • Switcher — a new 100% user-definable switching system that allows you to switch phrases, mixes, Auto Arranging preset with ease
  • Over 50 high-quality custom IRs to be used in our Stage engine in categories like: Score, Hall, Church, Cathedral, Small, Effects
  • Round Robin La Las, Boms, and Grunts
  • Realtime Tuning effects — easily change in real-time each divisi’s tuning to create wonderful Aleatoric effects using only 1 control
  • Delay & Humanization — a simple way to create even more inner-section humanization
  • Effect Modulation with user-assignable modulation sources (up to 4)
  • Komplete Kontrol support — seamlessly integrate with Native Instruments Kontrol hardware
  • Pads — pre-mixed choir pads
  • Sound design presets — effect chain presets (user changeable) that yield modern sound effects and synth sounds
  • Automatic RAM management — only the samples used in your patch will be loaded
  • Eternity was recorded in a large state-of-the-art studio using singers hand-picked from one of the most elite choirs in the world

Legato & Melisma


Watch how easy it is to play polyphonic legato with Auto Divisi mode on. Also, learn about Melisma a singing style whereby the vowel of each word is maintained as the active legato vowel and sung until the end of the legato phrase.



Phrase Builder

Easily build Latin inspired phrases using our Phrase section and save your phrases to 20 presets that can be key switched in real-time with glitch-free playback.


Phrases can be played with our polyphonic Auto Divisi engine as:

  • Melisma multiple legato notes per syllable
  • Legato all 5 vowels and humming have Real Legato and multi-dynamics
  • Staccato there are multi-dynamic short and long staccato
  • Sustains melisma, legato, or just plain sustains

The Phrase Editor features:

  • Over 100 phrase articulations
  • 6 sustains: 5 vowels and humming (Mmm)
  • 30 multi-dynamic short Latin syllables
  • 30 multi-dynamic long Latin syllables
  • 30 multi-dynamic whisper versions of the syllables
  • 5 different round-robin grunts (long and short) Ha, Heh Hee, Hoh, Hoo
  • 25 Prefix and Suffix pitchless articulations
  • Word Speed definable playback speed of syllables
  • Control the volume of vowels, syllables, pitchless etc.



Auto Divisi

Audiobro’s Auto Divisi is a feature that distributes your chord tones to the appropriate sections giving you a much more realistic and balanced sound than other traditional libraries. Simply play a line or chords and let our engine do all the rest for you.

If you are not familiar with our Auto Divisi, check out the video below. It’s much easier to see how it works. We understand that the video below is a Genesis video, but the engine is relatively the same:



Look Ahead

Our Look Ahead feature might not look like much on the surface, but it can be a great time saver for you! Anyone who has worked with choir syllables knows how tedious and time-consuming it can be to edit the MIDI so that the syllables play back in time. Now you can simply 100% quantize your phrase and not worry about spending hours micro-editing your MIDI for your Eternity Choir syllables to play more in time. 

Ensemble and Stage

The Ensemble page is where the Stage and Audiobro’s coveted Auto Divisi and Delay & Humanization (DNH) features reside. Here you can choose and place your ensembles on our virtual stage and our Auto Divisi will intelligently cater to your choices.

Stage Controls


Some of the Ensemble Page’s main features include:

  • Auto Divisi automatically adapts to your ensemble choices
  • 52 ambiance presets using exclusive Audiobro IRs
  • X/Y pad for easy placement of ensembles
  • Independent volume, width, and pan per ensemble
  • Adjustable Stage amounts for each microphone
  • Auto-purge samples from ensembles that are not being used on stage

The Switcher

The Switcher is Audiobro’s advanced way of switching Phrases, Mixes, and Ensemble presets in a very customizable and intuitive fashion. There are 2 views for the Switcher, the Basic View, and the Advanced Editor. The Basic View is always visible from the performance page and here you can set basic switching. The Advanced Editor is where you can set more complex and creative switching and do things like layering and CC switching.

Here are some of the Switcher’s features:

  • Keyboard switching (the traditional way to key switch)
  • Continuous Controller (CC) — switching using CCs
  • Velocity switching — use keyboard velocity information coupled with logic to help make key switches
  • Layered key switching

We understand the video below is for Genesis, but the same principles apply to Eternity:

The Mixer

Audiobro’s new Mixer engine features extensive Modulation, Automation, and Effects Sends sections that allow you to tailor your sound in compelling ways while keeping things simple and intuitive.

Our new Mixer has advanced features like:

  • 20 key switchable Mixer snapshots
  • 4 microphone mixes: Close, Stage, Far, Full mix
  • 7 inserts per channel
  • 28 Effects plugins
  • Over 50 filters to choose from
  • Put any effects or filters in any order in our Insert slots
  • Assign MIDI CCs to a plugin Effect parameter
  • Modulation Tables to create compelling sonic landscapes
  • Chopper — rhythmically stutter any channel to your specifications

Komplete Kontrol and NKS

Eternity integrates seamlessly with Native Instruments’ Komplete Kontrol software and NKS* eco system.

Control the most important features of Eternity directly from NI hardware and using your sequencer’s device automation. We’ve made it quicker and easier to find sounds. Browse and load all KOMPLETE Instrument presets from a single plugin. Knobs will display all the relevant controls on NI’s LED displays.

Learn more about NKS here:

* NKS is a registered trademark of Native Instruments GmbH.

System Specifications for Eternity

Eternity Adult Choir Library Size:

  • About 51GB with loss-less compressed audio files (approximately 80GB uncompressed). 60GB is required during installation.

Eternity Expanded Library Size:

  • About 34GB with loss-less compressed audio files (approximately 53GB uncompressed). 40GB is required during installation.

NOTE: Once successfully installed, please make a safe backup of the library for future reference. There is a $9 Cloud Server cost to re-download all your sample libraries.

Supported Interfaces:

  • Stand-alone, VST®, Audio Units™, AAX®

Minimum System Requirements:

NKS is a registered trademark of Native Instruments GmbH.

Eternity Pricing Information

Existing customers, login to our store to see your preferred pricing.

Please Note: Eternity Expanded is an add-on library to the main Eternity Adult Choir library. You must have activated Eternity Adult Choir in Native Access to be able to use Eternity Expanded.