Audiobro End User License Agreement (EULA)

The following information represents the contractual conditions for the use of any Audiobro software, sound library, or sound patches (hereinafter called Audiobro Software) developed by Audiobro (hereinafter called Audiobro) by you, the final user (hereinafter called the Licensee).

With the purchase of Audiobro Software, the Licensee has acquired a single-user license that allows you to install the Audiobro Software on two (2) computers. You may make one copy for backup purposes only. Any other use in whole or in parts (including but not limited to) to giving, trading, lending, renting, re-issuing, re-distribution or re-sale of this product or any of the contained samples, sound recordings or software) is expressly prohibited, without the prior written permission subject to Audiobro’s discretion.

By downloading or installing the Audiobro Software content onto your computer, you are declaring yourself to be in agreement with the contractual conditions, so please read the following text carefully.

This agreement is in addition to the Native Instruments License Agreement that you agree to when installing and/or registering the software. If any part of Audiobro’s End User License Agreement or Native Instruments’ End User Agreement shall be invalid or unenforceable, it shall not affect the validity of the balance of either the Audiobro’s End User License Agreement or Native Instruments’ End User License Agreement.

  1. Audiobro Software’s sound library, sound recordings, patch programming, and any related scripts remain the property and intellectual property of Audiobro. The samples and patches are licensed, not sold to the Licensee.
  2. A right to use the Audiobro Software sound samples is granted to the Licensee as the sole user and is NOT transferable under any circumstances without the express written consent subject to Audiobro’s discretion.
  3. The Licensee must ensure that no third party or any of his own employees will have access to the licensed software or sound samples, may copy part or all of the licensed software or sound samples, or be given any opportunity to do so.
  4. The Licensee understands that when The Licensee downloads Audiobro software, that the software will be watermarked with a unique digital identifier attributed to The Licensee. All dowloaded Audiobro libraries can be traced back to the original user.
  5. This license expressly forbids resale, re-licensing, or other distribution in whole or in part of these sound samples and software, or any modification thereof throughout the universe. The Licensee cannot assign, lease, lend, rent, upload or download to or from any database or server, or transfer any or all of the sound samples and software or PDF manuals or other Audiobro Software included files to another user, or use them in any competitive product.
  6. This license explicitly prohibits the utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) or any form of generative AI training, without limitation, for the analysis, sampling, reproduction, or any other use of Audiobro Software sound samples. This includes, but is not limited to, activities aimed at training artificial intelligence systems capable of generating audio, text, or any data associated with the Audiobro Software sound samples, without the specific and express written permission of Audiobro. Any such unauthorized use is strictly prohibited and may result in legal action.
  7. The Licensee may use the Audiobro Software sounds for commercial and non-commercial purposes within musical compositions only.
  8. Use of the sound samples in isolation such as, but not limited to, video game soundtracks, gaming machines, and toys (where they appear in isolation or as sound effects) is not permitted without first obtaining a separate written License subject to Audiobro’s discretion.
  9. NFR (Not For Resale) products – Notwithstanding other sections of this License Agreement, any products by Audiobro, labeled or otherwise provided to you as an NFR (Not For Resale) copy, may only be used for demonstration, testing and evaluation purposes and may neither be resold nor transferred nor used as a product which qualifies you to update or upgrade offers. If the End User is an official endorser of a competing product or demonstrates a conflict of interest as perceived by Audiobro, then the End User’s License can be terminated at Audiobro’s sole discretion
  10. Audiobro assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage to the Licensee’s hardware or software from the use of Audiobro Software. The Licensee assumes all responsibility and risk in using Audiobro Software and its associated software.

The Licensee bears legal liability towards Audiobro for any loss or damage – including any subsequent losses incurred by Audiobro resulting from the Licensee breaking this agreement or not keeping the Audiobro Software and associated programs for exclusive use, or not doing so with sufficient assiduity.

This license will terminate automatically without notice by Audiobro if Licensee fails to comply with any provision of this license. Upon license termination, the Licensee shall destroy all copies of the Audiobro Software including samples, instruments, presets or other contents of the sound library/sound libraries at the Licensee’s expense and will sign a written confirmation of such action.

Choice of Law:
Any dispute or litigation that results from this agreement shall be subject to the laws of the State of California and the United States of America.