ADC Troubleshooting

The ADC does its best to fix and auto-resume from any problems. In the case that the progress bar does not move for (say) 5 minutes, then quit out of the ADC and simply restart, and the ADC will resume from where it was.

Is the ADC Stuck on Watermarking?

Sorry for any trouble.

If your ADC is stuck on Watermarking, try quitting the ADC and restarting it. It should pick up where it left off.

If your ADC is STILL stuck on Watermarking, do the following:

  1. Quit the ADC
  2. Make sure your drive has Write Permissions. This is most likely the issue.
  3. If there is some kind of software preventing the write (like Norton or other anti-virus/system protection), then the ADC may need to be whitelisted. You may want to try a different location or drive too.
  4. Download the Reset App to your Mac or PC:

Mac Version: ADC Prefs Reset
Download the link, unzip it, and double-click on the app:

PC Version: ADC Prefs Reset
Download the link below, unzip it, and run the app (double-click):

Restart your ADC and download your desired library.